Hello! Welcome to the Mint & Birch blog! My name is Jessica, and I am the mompreneur behind Mint & Birch. I opened up my little business in 2012 after I started making Mother’s Day gifts: nest necklaces. I started making nests and keepsakes for friends who were also moms because I wanted to celebrate them for Mother’s Day, even if it was a few weeks late! I loved it so much that I realized that I needed an excuse to continue making them. And so, Mint & Birch was born. It was born out of a love to celebrate the mamas in my life with handmade trinkets.

Photo credit: Kristel Danielle Photography

Over the last 3 years, I’ve heard incredible stories filled with love, loss, grief, sorrow, celebration, hope and joy. Powerful, deep emotions and experiences. There are so many stories behind each custom piece and custom request. I’m so honoured that I am asked to create keepsakes that symbolize these stories, emotions and experiences. I have witnessed so much love and hope through the process of custom orders. I’ve had people pour out their hearts and stories as we discussed their custom orders. I’ve been moved to tears as I made those orders. What a lucky gal I am, to witness such love that people have for each other.
 Photo credit: Kristel Danielle Photography
To see moms who come together to order for another mom who have recently suffered the loss of a baby, husbands who (frantically) order nests to celebrate their wives, and grandsons order egg-filled nests for their grandmother is something that warms my heart so much! To see people come together to celebrate, love and cherish each other is something that makes this business so fulfilling. I’ve learnt a lot over the last 3 years about running a small handmade business: logistics, graphic design, photography, and practical things like management of income. But the most important lesson of all is this:  Love, connection and community with those around us, whether it is between two strangers or two close ones, is what makes the world go ‘round. It fosters hope, empowerment, inner growth, joy and happiness. And that’s why I wanted to start a blog: I love connecting with people. My hope is that this can be a place where people can connect with each other too!I thank you to my customers who have shared such beautiful stories with me, and I hope that I can give back by starting this blog! I’ll be blogging about life, recipes, love, crafty tutorials, and I’m also excited to use this platform to feature some of my favourite fellow businesses!