I’m a bit of a sucker for antique and vintage items- there is something curious and nostalgic there that draws me in. When I came across this set of metal stamps, I knew I had to buy it to make my date bar necklaces! I bought these stamps from a vintage/antique collector who found these at an estate sale.

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There are a few markings on this dovetailed box: a few addresses and a very worn out sticker that says N.Y.S. (the manufacturer of the stamps). The addresses indicate that these stamps were from Port Credit, Ontario and or Dundas in Ontario.  Specifically, the addresses on the stamps are on Hatt Street and Halliday Avenue. S & K Furniture is stamped on one of these addresses, and a name on the other.

stamps3  bar2

Judging by the manufacturer sticker on the stamp set, the collector I bought this set from believes that this stamp set from before the 1960’s, possibly earlier. This makes them over 50 years old! Another neat fact is that one of the cities that is stamped on the box (Port Credit), was once an industrial area but is now residential area. Presently, near where S & K Furniture would have been, there is a bed and breakfast that runs out of a historic house. I contacted the local museum and they believe that the metal stamps were used to mark furniture with serial or identifying numbers.


I also love that the font of this number set is unique and unlike other font on a modern stamp set. These stamps have been well taken care of because the image that it imprints is still quite sharp for how old these stamps are. Know that each and everyone date bar necklace stamped with this little set has been made with something unique!

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Photos by Mint & Birch