3 years ago, I took the plunge and opened up a Facebook Page for my business, Mint and Birch. I started my business as Woodland Owl Trinkets, but changed the name to Mint and Birch last December. I started making nest necklace for Mother’s Day for family and friends, and had an overwhelming amount of support and response. I would love to share a bit about my business, and also thank you for all your support!


IMG_7494A little back story: My husband and I married at the young age of 20. (People thought we were crazy!) When I was 22, we had our very first baby. My husband and I weren’t exactly planning to have kids that young. I was still in my 4th year and I was finishing up my thesis for my BAH in Psychology, and I was planning to apply to grad school after I graduated. But our little baby decided to grace us with his presence, so I was unable to finish my degree. I was very close to finishing my degree. I only have 2 elective classes left, and I’ve completed all the upper level requirements needed to receive my BAH. My life drastically changed when I had my first: he was a very colicky baby who had feeding issues and was also nocturnal for 3 months. I went from a carefree, ambitious university student to a SAHM who started to feel very isolated. My friends were continuing on with the lifestyle that we had previously led: hosting dinner parties, enjoying a disposable income, shopping, sleeping in, partaking in spontaneous road trips, going out to eat, graduating university and pursuing their careers. My priorities had changed because my new focus was on taking care of our new baby. And because we had a lot of feeding issues, I had to dedicate almost 100% of my time to making sure our baby was growing well. I was also too tired to leave the house.  I often chose to nap with baby instead of going out with friends. I know that this is a very packed paragraph, and there is so much more that can be said about transitioning into motherhood, and how it can be different for each person. But the fact remains: I felt like I was losing my identity as I struggled to transition into motherhood. I felt isolated and alone because I didn’t have the energy or time to continue living like I had before. For those moms out there who are transitioning into motherhood: You can do it. You’re doing it, and you are doing great!

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Left: My first attempt at packaging. Right and Below: My current packaging

I spent at least a year struggling to transition into motherhood, and I am so thankful to have had made friends who not only hand-held me during this time, but uplifted and encouraged me. You know who you are! So, what does my business mean to me, and why is 3 years such a celebration?


 I am so thankful for Mint and Birch because through my business, I have met some amazing mothers, fellow business owners, mompreneurs and friends. I have had heartfelt, meaningful conversations with strangers at craft fairs, received encouragement from those that I don’t even know, and have been so touched by the kindness that exists in the world. I am so thankful for all the relationships and friendships that have formed because of this small business. I know I say this often, but one of the best parts about running this business is the interaction and connections that I get to make with people. I love chatting with fellow businesses about businesses, but also the mom/life/work balance. (That’s a hot topic with mompreneurs!) Through these conversations with other momprenuers, I’ve learnt the value of being raw, honest and candid, and the importance of admitting that things aren’t always perfect, but that it’s okay. There is perfection in imperfection.


It has also been such a remarkable experience to have been able to create so many custom pieces that hold so much meaning for the person it was made for. I have seen mothers come together to purchase a custom nest for new moms, grieving moms, new grandmothers, and friends. Doting husbands who order for their wives, and significant others order for their sweeties. I’ve even had someone propose with a nest ring when their custom diamond ring was still being made! To see the sentiment, thought, and love that goes behind each order has been one of the most rewarding things about running this business. I am so humbled and honoured to be asked to make such special pieces that carry so much meaning.


This leads me to my next announcement. I’ve been running giveaways and sweepstakes on my social media feed, but I would like to do something special. Since I’ve started my business, I’ve been shown small glimpses of behind the meaning of some of my custom orders: instances of heartbreak, celebration, joy, grief, etc.  I have been so honoured to be asked to make pieces to signify so much. Keep reading below to see what I want to give YOU! Keep reading! I run a lot of giveaways on my Instagram and Facebook pages to drive traffic. But I wanted to do something different here. This isn’t really a “giveaway,” but comes more from my desire to touch people with a simple gesture. (This is one of the reasons I started this blog- to create a platform to connect, give and get to know you!)

So this is what I want to: I want to give a custom nest necklace away about once a month, more often if I am able to. All you have to do, is:

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  • 2. Comment below with what eggs you’d pick in your nest. If you want, you can write little bit about what it would mean to you. Make sure you’re subscribed to the blog, if I don’t have your email on the list I won’t be able to contact you! I’ll also make new posts about this every now and then so that other people who missed it may put their name down. Don’t worry, if you’ve commented once, I’ve got you down. All you need to do is comment somewhere once. I’ve got all these posts categorized so I won’t lose your comment!

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Every month or so, I will pick a name from the comments with posts tagged “Custom Nest for YOU,” look for their email in the subscriber list, and contact them to pick their own egg colour for their nest… and send it off to them, no strings attached. Don’t worry, if you’ve commented once, I’ve got you down. All you need to do is comment somewhere once when I post about this. I’ve got all these posts categorized so I won’t lose your comment! If I can do this more often, I will! Go ahead and fill the form below to subscribe, and then scroll down to leave a comment! 🙂 I’ll make a reminder post every now and then as well for those who may have missed this post! Thank you for all your support for Mint and Birch  over the last 3 years. I cannot wait to see what the next years bring for Mint and Birch! Come along with me in this journey!

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