Above: Custom Bunting Necklace: here.
Custom Cursive Writing Bar Necklace: here.

If you’ve seen my product photos, you’ll probably be able to tell that I am a little bit of a hoarder when it comes to photo props. But I always stick to a few of my favourites! You probably recognize my pinecone and mason jars… but I want to introduce to you a new favourite of mine! Anna of Lucky Crickets sent me this beautifully handmade dish with the letters m & b on it, for Mint & Birch.

      IMG_4923  IMG_4921

Above: Locket here, and nest here.


Custom Date Bar Necklaces: here. 

The gold, glittery letters shine and shimmer in the light oh-so-perfectly. I’m basically swooning the whole time I’m taking photos 😉 Plus, the bright white dish makes for nice, bright photos! Anna doesn’t just make dishes. She’s got lots of sweet, simple and pretty hair accessories in her etsy shop like headbands, hair ties and bows. And maternity sashes like these ones here.


Above: Custom silver nest: here
Below: Mama Bear Necklace: here

And here are some goodies from her shop:


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