Hello! Our website,, is available for browsing, but check out is disabled because we just had a baby! 

What’s going to happen to the shop? When will you open again?

  • I will be closed for at least one month, we plan to open in January with Ready-To-Ship items.
  • During this time, I’m going to continue to do giveaways on my social media feed, as well as email subscriber exclusive giveaways! To sign up, please go here:
  • I’ll still be posting on my social media feeds! 🙂
  • We may be looking for brand reps or casual reps!
  • I’ll also be working on new products and more woven necklaces and dreamcatchers during this time if I get a chance! And of course, I’ll be sniffing in sweet newborn scent 🙂

I will also be running email subscriber exclusive giveaways! To sign up, please go here: Only those who are subscribers will be eligible to enter these giveaways.

We encourage you to sign up for the newsletter as we usually only open for about 48 hours at a time before we hit our maximum order limit. We then close for 2-3 weeks to catch up on orders, and then reopen for about 48 more hours. Last time we opened, we received well over 320 orders in less than 72 hours! To sign up to be notified with subscriber only codes and coupons, please sign up here:

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Thank you all so much for your support! I am incredibly thankful and humbled to see all the support that I have received from my customers, fellow shop owners, bloggers and friends! I cannot wait to see what the new year holds for Mint & Birch!

Here’s a behind the scenes photo: To the Left: My 2 year old saying hello at me as I took product photos.
And to the right: the final image!

IMG_5518   IMG_5513