SHOP update! Over the last 6 months, our business has been experiencing growing pains. As a result, we have had to open/close intermittently to take and fill orders. We open for about 24 hours at a time and generally receive about 200 orders at a time, sometimes over 300! This small business has been thriving and it has been so helpful in helping my growing family pay for bills, as well as relieve us from a lot of stress associated with my husband’s job.

I cannot reiterate how thankful I am for all the support that I have received from you all! However, having 200 open orders can be quite stressful, and the turnaround time can be long, which I know can be frustrating for some! My turnaround time used to be about a week or so, and I loved being able to get goodies out the same week they were ordered. Along with some exciting changes for our family, and the level of stress that high order volumes and long turnaround times bring, things have to change for a bit as we learn how to adapt.

Right now, I am making all of the pendants and nest necklaces. The one thing that isn’t done by me is the finishing of the chains. This means that I stamp every single letter on every necklace and weave every nest that goes out. I have decided NOT to outsource stamping of the pendants or weaving of the nests to someone else as I want to continue to be the one making them for you. Right now,  I already have a lovely friend I hired to help me with the finishing chains, and she’ll be assisting with packaging, but we still need to make a few changes.

Here’s how things are going to change for the next little while until we figure out how to solve these growing pains: I will only be taking smaller batches of orders, but shortening the turnaround time DRASTICALLY. Here’s the downside: I’ll only be taking 30-50 orders every opening. I aim for turnaround time to be about 7-10 days as opposed to the 20 business days that it is now. We will have to reduce the number of orders we take each opening to decrease the turnaround time to get your goodies out quicker!

We’re still learning, so please stick around! This change means that it’ll be harder to place an order because we’re likely only going to be open for under an hour… BUT there will be more chances to order because turnaround time will be shorter. This means that if you would like to order, being on the email list to get a head start to order will be super helpful in making sure you get your order in!

Because I’m still learning how to juggle being a shop owner and a mama, this change may not be permanent, and we may very well go back to taking 200 orders at a time, especially if I can get into a good rhythm with my hired help. However, we know that we have to implement some sort of system in order to be able to handle high order volumes.

I could not be more thankful for all your support! I sure am a lucky gal! My husband is doing all the cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, laundry and basically everything around the house so that I can find the time to work and juggle being a mama and shop owner. I hope you all stick around, as we have some exciting new products coming this year that you have been asking for! <3