LPhilips Design Co Dish Review

IMG_6430After I bought my very first DSLR camera last year, I developed a new love for product photography. I started collecting all sorts of trinkets from the thrift store as props for my jewellery! So when Trish from LPhilipsDesignCo contacted me and asked me to photograph her dish and cross-promote, I was all in! Trish creates durable, shatterproof dishes that are made out of polymer clay. Each one is handmade and hand moulded ever so perfectly. Each dish is lightweight and extremely durable because it is made with polymer clay, yet it looks just like porcelain! it’s almost as if someone plucked a flower petal and placed it into my hands. I have two rowdy kids  and I thought I would never be able to own anything nice and delicate until all the kids have grown a bit older. Thanks to lliphilipsdesignco, I have a pretty dish to store my jewellery and I don’t have to worry about it shattering!

IMG_6271   IMG_6392

I chose a custom mint and gold coloured dish. A week later, it arrived at in my mailbox! it feels durable, yet with its marbled colours and delicate gold trim, I felt like I was holding something made out of porcelain. With its perfect petal-like curves and beautifully mixed colours, it was an absolute dream to photograph!
         IMG_6327   IMG_6472
Head on over to Trish’s etsy shop to take a look! Whether you need a place to store your jewellery, a pretty dish to hold your everyday trinkets, or need a gift for a bridesmaids or jewellery lover, these dishes are sure to be a pick-me up. And it sure is a bonus that they are shatterproof! Trish also takes custom orders, so if you have a specific combination of colours in mind, you can also have something custom made. Do you want one? Keep reading!
IMG_6457     IMG_6316
Pictured below with some hair ties by Plum Polka Dot!

 LPhilips Design Co @lphilipsdesignco on Instagram: Beautifully marbled handmade jewellery dishes! 
Plum Polka Dot  @plumpolkadot on Instagram: High end, high quality hair accessories! 
 Mint & Birch @mintandbirch on Instagram: Customizable keepsake necklaces! 

 Photos by Mint & Birch

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Vintage Metal Stamps

I’m a bit of a sucker for antique and vintage items- there is something curious and nostalgic there that draws me in. When I came across this set of metal stamps, I knew I had to buy it to make my date bar necklaces! I bought these stamps from a vintage/antique collector who found these at an estate sale.



Camping Birthday Party


Our eldest turned 4 in April, but I haven’t had a chance to post about his camping birthday party until now. But now is the perfect time to post because it’s time for camping season!! We had a small, simple party for him but it was a blast and our little boy enjoyed it so much! Here are some photos and some ideas for a camping birthday party!

cookies2      party1

Camping cookies: The Whisk cookies. Hand baked and hand crafted by Julie! Check out her other designs on Instagram @shopthewisk. Her designs are immaculate and I can’t believe what she can do with icing! She can create cookies for any occasion! Perfect for a camping birthday party!
Tassel Garland: Fun Fiestas by Ili. Ili also creates the prettiest party noise makers. Ever!
Camping cake: I will admit… this was not Pinterest worthy. I bought this cake the morning of the party at Safeway and asked the bakery clerk to add some trees on the first chocolate cake I could find. I bought some camping scrapbook stickers from Michaels and plopped them on the cake. Simple and easy!
Fresh Fish: Goldfish crackers- always a hit with the littles!
Smore Station: Also a hit with the kids!
Branches: Pretzel sticks
Bear Poop: Chocolate covered almonds!
Other fun foods: Bear Claw baked cookies, Cheetos for “fire flames,” chocolate wafer straws for “firewood” and gummie worms tied onto some chopsticks as bait!

kitchen   branches

And I think my most favourite part of the day was when we showed him his mint blue kitchen! Two weeks before his birthday, my son asked specifically for a blue kitchen. We couldn’t find one anywhere, so I painted a DUTKIG Ikea kitchen mint blue with chalk paint and finished it off with a sealer!

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Welcome to the Mint & Birch Blog!

Hello! Welcome to the Mint & Birch blog! My name is Jessica, and I am the mompreneur behind Mint & Birch. I opened up my little business in 2012 after I started making Mother’s Day gifts: nest necklaces. I started making nests and keepsakes for friends who were also moms because I wanted to celebrate them for Mother’s Day, even if it was a few weeks late! I loved it so much that I realized that I needed an excuse to continue making them. And so, Mint & Birch was born. It was born out of a love to celebrate the mamas in my life with handmade trinkets.

Photo credit: Kristel Danielle Photography (more…)


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